Anime & Game Cosplay MAKE UP BOOK (shufunotomo hit series) メイクだけで誰でも人気キャラになれる!! アニメ&ゲーム コスプレMAKE (主婦の友ヒットシリーズ) [JAPANESE EDITION]

Anime & Game Cosplay MAKE UP BOOK (shufunotomo hit series) メイクだけで誰でも人気キャラになれる!! アニメ&ゲーム コスプレMAKE (主婦の友ヒットシリーズ) [JAPANESE EDITION] 61U89aPAPaL


After reading this one book that specializes in cosplay makeup, anyone cut – become that popular character. From the basic make-up prosthetic makeup of cosplay unique, introduce really help make Technique! The model, including the NaGi san, hired a number of famous cosplayers! Than “2.5-dimensional musical” of the topic now, “Samurai Warriors” chapter of Sekigahara, stage under heavenly Hana, musical “Hakuoki” featuring the Reimeiroku, “Real cosplay” reports the stage with a photograph plenty of. This year’s Halloween is from the people of beginners who want to Quirky cosplay, To people who want to be cosplayers to advanced one step. “Voice actor Grand Prix” editorial department is to deliver, one book that is jammed makeup techniques of all the cosplayers must-read! [Cosplayers of model] Suishoku apple, Kaori Hanakusunoki, south Sorashido, bees Melco, △ – Mikado -, Ichijo Noel, 瑠那, hemp Princess, the world Reina, Hyuuko, Akatsuki, birds, Ari-me, conger eel, wo stand, Asma, Akane, NaGi, cocoon, Lai (titles omitted) [Main contents] ◆ basic makeup Base makeup, foundation, cheek, eyebrow, Highlights & shading, lip (lips), taping, skin care ◆ prosthetic makeup Misrepresentation of age aging MAKE, brown skin, white-painted, battle wounds MAKE ◆ eye makeup feature Making the lid heavy, eye shadow, eye line, double line, Colorcon & Eyelashes unabridged ◆ layer Jikiden ☆ the first time even simple character makeup “Tokinonakade 6” Takatsuka Azusa / Arima one / Darius / amber / Katakiriaki-hei In addition, now introduces the character makeup of the topic of animation and game! ◆ photography studio (CURAS by HACOSTA) Introduction • The only move the furniture! Just changing the type of electricity! Easy shooting even for beginners – The light is firmly plugged Aim the noon! The use of natural light Antique in the luxury lounge – Cool black If you want to shoot Hori – Watch out! Posted the white clothes ……ムックMOOK : 100 pages

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